How Do You Get Rid of Clogged Ears and Ringing?

ears feel clogged and ringing in Wembley

Although a clogged ear may not hurt or feel uncomfortable, muffled sounds and difficulty hearing can be very bothersome. Your ear may clear up on its own in a matter of hours or days. But a number of over-the-counter medications, as well as home remedies, can offer prompt relief. Get treated at S&S Chemists if your ears feel clogged and ringing in Wembley.

What makes your ears feel clogged and ringing?

Numerous health issues can result in clogged or ringing ears, which can also cause tinnitus, hearing loss, discomfort and pain in your ears. These symptoms could only last a short while, but hearing loss might be permanent depending on what is causing the blockage or ringing in the ears.

1. Ear infections

An ear infection is one of the most typical reasons for clogged or ringing ears. A viral or bacterial infection in the ear canal results in an accumulation of fluid and pressure in the ear, which is what is known as swimmer’s ear and causes outer ear infections.

Otitis media, or middle ear infections, are inflammations of the middle ear that impact the ear drum and fill your middle ear with fluid. Ear infections can happen at any age. However, they are more frequent in infants and children. Ear ache, agitation, nausea, sleeplessness, and even a fever are among the symptoms of this condition.

ears feel clogged and ringing in Wembley

2. Cerumen Impaction

Cerumen, often known as ear wax, is essential for maintaining ear health. Although it may seem unpleasant or sticky to you, this substance shields the eardrum and inner ear from harm by collecting moisture, debris, and dust in the ear canal. A buildup of dry, hard cerumen, or cerumen impaction, in the ear canal is a very typical occurrence.

When earwax collects dirt and dust, it often dries out and slowly moves out of the ear canal before falling out of the ear or being washed away in the shower.

3. Airplane Ear

Some people may experience airplane ear, often known as clogged or ringing ears, during takeoff and landing. A particularly quick elevator ride or even diving underwater can also cause this. You might experience one or both of the symptoms, including a feeling that sounds are muffled or faint. Additionally, you may have vertigo or an ear-clogging sensation.

4. Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is a condition that damages the inner ear and causes irreversible hearing loss. You’ll notice a clogged or ringing feeling in your ears when the inner ear cells are destroyed, making it difficult for you to hear conversations or understand the sounds around you.

ears feel clogged and ringing in Wembley

Can earwax cause your ears to feel clogged and ringing?

Ear ringing is one of the many tinnitus symptoms that can be brought on by an accumulation of earwax. This is one indication that you may have impacted earwax that has to be treated, along with feelings of pressure in the ear, discomfort, or even dizziness.

Will the ears feeling clogged and ringing stop by themselves?

Even though a clogged ear may not always hurt, it can still be annoying, especially if it impairs your hearing. However, depending on the source, a blocked ear is usually just transitory and will resolve on its own in some hours or days:

– Fluid: Your ears will typically clear up fast if they are blocked with water or another fluid.
– Air pressure: If air pressure is the cause of the obstruction, it could take a few days to clear up.
– Ear infection: If an ear infection is the root of your blocked ears, you may need to wait till your body has had time to heal itself, which may take a few weeks.
– Sinus infection: You might have to wait longer for your ears to clear up if you have a sinus infection.

Understanding the cause of your ear pain may be useful for determining the most effective course of treatment and avoiding complications.

ears feel clogged and ringing in Wembley

What home remedy can I use when my ears feel clogged and ringing?


1. Consider using mineral and essential oils

Many oils are said to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial effects.   Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil are a few of these oils.

2. Apply a hot compress

Mucus can be drained from the nasal passages to reduce the amount in the ears by using a warm compress.

3. Rinse with salt water

Mucus in the nose and ears can be reduced with the help of a saltwater gargle. It is also a simple fix.

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