How Do You Remove Earwax Build-up Safely?


Earwax is always healthy for you to have, but excessive amounts can lead to problems such as hearing loss. Some people tend to try home remedies for removing earwax. However, others have to seek medical advice, leaving them wondering whether earwax removal is painful and if it’s uncomfortable to do the procedure. A pharmacist can help you if wax is blocking your ears. Keep reading to learn how to remove earwax safely in Wembley.

What are the symptoms of earwax build-up?

Symptoms associated with earwax build-up usually include:

– Vertigo (feeling sick and dizzy)
– Hearing loss
– Buzzing or ringing in your ears (tinnitus)
– Earache or feeling like there is a blockage in your ear

How can a pharmacist help to remove earwax safely in Wembley?

Consult a pharmacist if you have earwax build-up. They will advise you and suggest treatment options.

Treatments such as drops may be recommended to dissolve earwax. You should notice the earwax falling out on its own or dissolving after a week.

In case your eardrum is perforated (a hole in the eardrum), do not use any drops.

Some pharmacists can:

– Perform ear irrigation (flushing the wax out with water)
– Perform microsuction (sucking the wax out)

Treatments of this nature are usually painless. However, you may have to pay for them privately.

You should never use cotton buds to try and remove excess wax. This is because they will push the wax further into the ear, resulting in or worsening a blockage.

how to remove earwax safely in Wembley

What causes earwax build-up?

Earwax build-up can occur if:

– Your ear canals are damaged or narrow
– Your ear canals have a lot of hair
– You have a skin problem that affects your ear or scalp
– Your ear canal is inflamed

Ear infections (Remove earwax safely in Wembley)

Children are particularly susceptible to ear infections. The majority of ear infections resolve on their own within three days without the need to see a pharmacist or GP.

How to confirm if it’s an ear infection

Ear infection symptoms typically start fast. They include:

– Pain in the ear
– Difficulty hearing
– High temperatures
– Feeling sick
– A lack of energy
– Discharge coming out of your ear
– Scaly skin around and inside the ear
– A feeling of fullness or pressure inside the ear
– Irritation and itching in and around the ear

Babies and young children with ear infections may also:

– Pull or rub their ear
– Stop reacting to some sounds
– Be restless or irritable
– Be off their food
– Keep getting off their balance

Sometimes, symptoms can last for a week after an ear infection has cleared up.

Ear pain

Infections inside the ear

In the majority of cases, antibiotics are not used because infections inside the ear usually clear up on their own and medicines do little to alleviate symptoms, including pain.

You might be given antibiotics if:

– Your ear infection doesn’t start clearing up after 3 days
– You or your child have some fluid coming out of your ear
– You have an illness that can cause complications, like cystic fibrosis

Additionally, they may be prescribed for children under 2 years of age with an ear infection.

Ear pain

Outer ear infections

Your pharmacist might prescribe:

– Antibiotic eardrops – for the treatment of a bacterial infection
– Antifungal eardrops – for the treatment of a fungal infection
– Steroid eardrops – to alleviate swelling
– Antibiotic tablets – if you have a severe bacterial infection

Eardrops should be used correctly to maximise their effectiveness.

How much does it cost to remove earwax safely in Wembley?

Previously, GPs across England provided free earwax removal services on the NHS. The free service ended in 2020; they no longer have to perform ear wax removal as one of their core services.

Instead, you should speak to a pharmacist about removing the wax build-up.

a pharmacist looking for the best way to remove earwax safely

Is earwax removal painful?

No. Anaesthesia or medication is not required for earwax removal procedures such as our microsuction service. It’s a safe and effective procedure that takes about 30 minutes to complete. The procedure is painless; any issues resulting from earwax build-up in your ear will be resolved, so you can carry on with your life.

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This blog post was written on behalf of S&S Chemists by Pharmacy Mentor.