Combined Hep A & Typhoid

No. of Doses: 1, Price per Dose: £65.00

What is typhoid?

Typhoid is an illness caused by a bacteria, which is spread by ingesting contaminated food or water. It is most common in travellers that go to South Asia (e.g., India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives), East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Typhoid disease causes these symptoms:
– headache
– fever (temperature over 38.5 °C or 101.3 °F) that gets worse over 1 week
– appetite loss
– constipation
– diarrhea

Who can get typhoid vaccine?

The typhoid vaccine is recommended for people traveling to an increased risk areas with poor sanitation and a high risk of the disease. Often, the risk is highest for people who stay with families in private homes in high-risk areas.

What is Vivaxim®?

Vivaxim® is a typhoid vaccine combined with hepatitis A vaccine. It is for people over 12 years old. You only need 1 dose of this vaccine before you travel.
Vivaxim® can be used to start a hepatitis A vaccine series. To have long-term immunity from hepatitis A, you need 2 doses of vaccine, which are given 6 months apart. If Vivaxim® is the first dose of your hepatitis A series, you need to come back 6 months later to get a second dose of hepatitis A vaccine. When you get the second dose of hepatitis A vaccine, your hepatitis A series is complete and no further boosters are recommended.

The typhoid part of the Vivaxim® vaccine will protect you for 2 years from typhoid disease.​