Why Should You Visit a Travel Vaccine Clinic Before Going Abroad?

Visit a travel vaccine clinic in Wembley

You should consider getting vaccinations against some serious diseases prevalent in other countries before taking a trip outside the country. Vaccinations are meant to provide protection against infections such as hepatitis Atyphoid, and yellow fever. To stay safe and secure, no matter where you travel, you should get vaccinated. Continue reading to learn more about our travel vaccine clinic in Wembley.

Why do you need travel vaccinations?

Travelling outside the UK can expose you to pathogens that you aren’t protected against. In medicine, this protection is called “immunity,” thus “immunisations.” This can lead to diseases and infections like yellow fever and hepatitis A that usually result in illness. Sometimes, the illnesses are so severe that they may even prove fatal. By getting vaccinated before your trip, your body will be prepared to fight these infections. It’s worth noting that a number of these diseases are usually life-threatening.

How does a travel vaccine work?

Despite the fact that travel vaccines protect against a variety of infections, they work in a similar manner. Vaccines basically imitate an infection or disease’s attacking pathogen. Your immune system will respond to this by releasing antibodies (white blood cells) that fight the infection. In other words, if you are exposed to a virus or bacteria, your defence system will destroy them before they can cause harm.

Vaccinations should be obtained at least 21 days, and even more in other cases, before travel to your destination. This gives your body ample time to produce all the antibodies it needs for optimal protection.

In addition to administering travel vaccinations and prescribing antimalarial medications, our pharmacists are fully equipped to sort out all your travel issues. Besides providing you with comprehensive health information, we also provide you with travel advice in advance. By doing this, we are ensuring you’re fully aware of the risks that await you before you set off.


Which travel vaccinations do I need before I travel?

You may require any combination of the below vaccinations prior to travelling abroad:

Cholera vaccination – Most travellers don’t routinely require the vaccine against cholera.
– Diphtheria vaccination – There is a group of vaccines that offer protection against diphtheria, polio and tetanus.
– Typhoid vaccination
– Hepatitis A vaccination – It’s vital to have the hepatitis A vaccine if you are heading to regions where poor levels of sanitation and hygiene are common and where hepatitis A is prevalent.
– Hepatitis B vaccination – You should have a vaccine against hepatitis B if you are travelling to places where hepatitis B is widespread.
– Yellow fever vaccination.
– Japanese encephalitis vaccination.
– Meningococcal meningitis vaccination.
– Rabies vaccination.
– Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination.
– Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination.
Tuberculosis (TB) vaccination

You can stay healthy by getting vaccinated against these diseases. The vaccines are safe. There are illnesses, however, that can’t be prevented by vaccinations, for example, malaria. Nevertheless, our antimalarial tablets offer protection against this disease.

Other things to consider before visiting a travel vaccine clinic in Wembley

There are some other factors you need to consider while planning to have your travel vaccinations, including:

– Your age as well as health – you may be more at risk of getting infections than others; there are vaccines that can’t be provided to people with specific medical conditions.
– Being an aid worker – you may come across more diseases in places like a refugee camp or where a natural disaster has occurred.
– Working as a medic – healthcare workers such as doctors or nurses may need extra vaccinations.
– Coming in contact with animals – your chances of getting diseases like rabies may be high.

It’s unlikely you’ll need any vaccinations to travel to northern or central Europe, North America, or Australia.

However, it is important to make sure you are up-to-date with your routine vaccinations accessible through the NHS.

Travel vaccine clinic in Wembley

How do I know which travel vaccines I need?

You can learn more about the vaccinations needed or recommended for the places you’ll be travelling to on the following websites:

Travel Health Pro
NHS Fit for Travel

It is required to present an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) before entering or leaving certain countries (for example, to prove that you are vaccinated against polio and yellow fever).

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health requires visitors arriving for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages to provide proof of vaccination against particular types of meningitis.

It’s a good thing to record all the vaccinations you’ve had even if an ICVP is not needed.

Are travel vaccines free in a travel vaccine clinic in Wembley?

Below are travel vaccines available for free on the NHS. Nevertheless, your GP practice must be signed up to offer vaccination (immunisation) services.

– Polio (given as a combined diphtheria/tetanus/polio vaccine)
Hepatitis A

Free vaccines are offered because they safeguard against diseases believed to pose the greatest health risk if they are imported into the country.

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How much do travel vaccines cost in a travel vaccine clinic in Wembley?

Vaccine prices vary according to the type of vaccine you need. Get in touch with S&S Chemists today for more information.

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