New Medicine Service (NMS)

The New Medicine Service will give you the chance to find out more about your new medicine and identify any problems you may be having with them.

What is the new medicine service?

The New Medicine Service (NMS) is a free NHS service that provides support for people with long-term conditions. When new medications are prescribed, the service can help to improve medicines adherence. The primary focus of the NMS is patients specific long-term conditions.

NMS helps by supporting patients when they start a new medicine. It enables the patient to manage their condition plus reduces medicine wastage. But the NMS also helps reduce hospital admissions from adverse drug effects.

What does NMS involve?

The service involves a series of consultations where you and the pharmacist can discuss how you are getting on with your new medication. Our pharmacist can answer any queries to help you find the easiest and most effective way of taking your new medicine. This may include some lifestyle changes or whether you take your meds with or without food, for example.

Overall, the NMS is designed to help you find the best medication for your condition.

Please come and talk to the pharmacy team if you would like more information.

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